Understanding the in-game HUD

Understanding the in-game HUD

The key information display for the player in any racing game is the head-up display (HUD). With a brand new look and feel, and including ultra-wide support with configuration, the HUD in LMU has been designed to be as concise and intuitive as possible with all the key information visible.

This guide will show you all you need to know about the HUD and what to look out for.

The basics​

The core HUD display is made up of 6 key elements

  1. Class standings & timer
  2. Virtual rear-view
  3. Lap time
  4. Car telemetry
  5. Multi functional display (MFD) [INSERT MFD GUIDE HERE)
  6. Track map

1 - Class standings & timer​

This will always show you the standings for your class. Note this is not overall, only your class battle. It will show the current driver, time gap on track during a race and lap time comparison during practice & qualifying. The countdown timer is per session and details how long left - it will default to --:--:-- on sessions set to distance vs time.

2- Virtual rear-view​

This is default on the HUD, but duplicates in in the cockpit view. This can be toggled various ways - Virtual on/off, physical on; Virtual on, physical on; Virtual off, physical off. depending which view to choose. Some cars (primarily GTE) have am dynamic rear view mirror in the cockpit which will display cars approaching with an arrow.

3 - Lap timer​

Useful to any driver, this will simply show your best lap time, current lap time and a delta - if you are faster this will show green, slower will show red - to a maximum of 9.999 seconds. The sectors will also indicate pace vs your best lap; Slower than self in sector = amber, faster than self in sector = green, faster than best in class = purple.

4 - Car telemetry​

Along with the MFD (full guide here) - the most important information to a driver.


  1. Gear selector
  2. Hypercar specific - MGU (motor generator unit) - the blue level shows your battery level. This is deployed and regenerated based on your values in car setup. The green battery illuminates when the battery is being recharged under braking. For LMH hybrid, front MGU deploys above a certain threshold speed (Peugeot 150km/h, other LMH at 190km/h). For LMDh hybrid rear MGU it's active all the time.
  3. Speedometer - this can be set to KPH or MPH in settings
  4. Fuel/energy levels - this will show your remaining fuel, and estimate of laps remaining calculated on your current consumption per lap (page in MFD). In the Hypercar class, this is also your Virtual Energy Tank (NRG). This is your total combined energy usage of fuel and battery power, and in theory your maximum stint length.
  5. Car temperatures - both your car’s water & oil temperatures are shown here. If you’ve got damage, stationary for too long or running in extremely hot conditions and your car is overheating, these will illuminate red indicating chance of engine failure.
  6. Tyre & brake temperatures - with no tyre warmers (apart from Le Mans that is!), the temperatures of your tyres is extremely important. The temperature of your brake & tyres will be shown here and indicated using gradient colour, from dark blue (very cold), through light blue (cold), green (perfect optimum), orange (hot) and red (very not). Note depending on air temperature it can take more than 1 lap to warm your tyres, and equally if you spin or lock up they your tyres will glow red and will take some time to cool back down.
  7. Throttle & brake trace
  8. Engine warning light - if you have incurred damage or temperatures too high, this will glow red indicating your engine has expired
  9. Pit limiter - this indicates the speed limiter is toggled on. The dial will also illuminate yellow when applied.
  10. Headlights - the icon will illuminate blue when on, or will pulse if you are flashing.

5 - MFD (Multi functional display)​

This is your first-person pit wall. Scrolling these displays you will be able to see cars around you on track, tyre wear, fuel usage, track information, timing and coordinate your next pitstop. Check out the full MFD guide here [ INSERT LINK]

6 - Track map​

Small enough not to distract, the map will show you the circuit close vicinity and any cars approaching or about to pass - an essential tool for endurance multiclass racing! This can also be cycled through too to just local driver area view (default), whole track view or even off if you want the full sim experience.
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