How do I manage my Online profile in Le Mans Ultimate?

How do I manage my Online profile in Le Mans Ultimate?

To play online in Le Mans Ultimate first you need to create an account - for more information how to do this take a look at the Online how to [here].

This guide will show you how to manage and understand your profile in Le Mans Ultimate.

Where does your profile live?​

Your LMU Online profile can be accessed in the top right corner of the home screen under ‘Profile’. This will take you to your own personal race centre of statistics, personal info and results.


The dashboard​

This is your personal LMU Online dashboard. It will clearly show your current Safety and Driver Rank, all-time statistics and 3 most recent events - from here you can review the results from these races, edit your profile or delve into your stats.


Race results​

Ever want to go back and compare lap times? Protest another driver? Or just track your ranking progress? In ‘Event History’ you can view your entire back-catalogue of LMU Online races including session results. You can go back and review your ranking in detail, study the results or just see at a glance which series and cars you most enjoy driving.


Stats, stats and more stats!​

Who doesn’t love to see their online racing history quantified into percentages and graphs? In ‘My Stat’s you can screen-grab galore as you admire how many wins, podiums, class wins, fastest laps and poles you’ve managed to accumulate (ignore the DNF’s!).


Profile editor​

At any point once you have created your account you can go back in and edit. In ‘Edit’ you can update your name, contact email address or email preferences - you will always need to have accepted the Competition Rules and Terms of Service to keep an active account.

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