WEC SPA 2024 Track Preview + LMU promotion


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SPA Race 2024 race preview including trackwalk and interview with other teams (check new videos from FIA channel.

Is anyone going to Belgium? I will be watching online. The FIA WEC membership is not cheap but there are so many different views and informations that it need makes it possible to follow the race whole 6 hours!

Spa is spa… i guess it will be wet race. Lets see who will get it this time!

ps: number 50 had great times. Also the lap best is way ahead from other drivers. Nr. Toyota was 3sec slower on day1 free practise. But depends who knows track better and so on.


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Ferrari on Pole once again. Whole half second faster then other drivers / teams. This will be a great race tomorrow. Sarah Bovi Pole position on „Home“ Track with Pink Lambo!
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Yea! i just read that on fia app while waiting for the Alpine demo rounds. Hope it will be live? And Mclaren is gt3s is starting from the back because of weight regulations.
Well ok… that explains how ferrari Nr. 50 HY was a whole half second quicker then other drivers.
I wanted to race the special event today around noon but after that i realized that the race will start and i actually cannot follow the race and drive at the same time. Bad timing.
Ps: Imola Race was so much better then SPA. i‘m quite disappointed from some drivers when it comes to their decisions and driving style. So many Incidents between GT3 and Hypercars is not fun. We had great moments. At the beginning that one such clean overtake from Porsche on Cadillac at the end from the first straight line and enter from la rouge.

AND if there is a bloody PROFESSIONAL ENGINEER or whatever he is - he can take a look on damage and tell „we need that and that long and means race is done“. Or if clock does not stop, FIA must demand a certain TIME until such major repairs must be done. If not possible then racetrack or company responsible for these works should upgrade machines and so on. Everyone want to make more and more money but only FEW are ready to work for it and earn it. I was expecting more. Luckily i decided not to drive on site this year.
Was there on saturday ! What a messy organisation to access the parking lot, lost 2 hours to end in a muddy field (glad I have a SUV) and missed the start !
Still it was a great race on one of the most beautiful track in the world...