Massive Software Crashes and Disconnects last and this week


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Last week and this week when I was driving a hypercar I had massive problems with software crashes and disconnects. I had a software crash in about half of the races.
I was able to isolate the problem. The problem only occurs with hypercars. Yesterday and today i drove several LMP2 races at SPA without any problems. Everything without any problems. No disconnect, no software crash.
Either the server on which the hypercar races run is faulty, the server software is faulty or there is a bug in the hypercar races. I noticed that quite a few drivers had problems and had to keep rejoining. That's not the case in the LMP2 races
I have submitted all bug reports of the software crashes and hope that there is a solution to the problems.

I hope my insights and observations help
how many players was in the race when crash happened? ihave noticed a huge lag spikes but not cpu related when we have 23 and above cars in the race.
A short experience report. All of my LMP2 races were completely free of crashes and disconnections. In the evening I tried a hypercar race with 21 opponents and everything without any problems. I hope this is a permanent situation and maybe a fix helped. That's how it has to be LMU :)
If you can provide trace and dump files for when these crashes occur, it will help the devs find out why.