LM Ultimate VR thread


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So when VR will be implemented?!
I’m a rf2 supporter and I have been playing only rf2 in the last 11 years.
I will buy this game when vr in implemented.
Someone on the discord channel got VR to work with open xr and the +vr command in steam launcher, but apparently there is no way to center the view.
I’m waiting for the official support … I hope the game will be more polished then .
VR seems to work decent with noted limitations, using Pimax 8KX

+VR for enable, works fine using standard SteamVR or switch to OpenComposite/OpenXR back/and forth
Canted display supported, same as in rF2
SS possible thru SteamVR or OpenXR settings
Re-center needs manual entry in json file
No AA is possible, make it looks very bad
No menus, only driving
No in-game HUD.
No confirmation about request pitstop or tracklimits (assume they are there)
Some cars do not have brake light, might not be a VR issue.
OpenComposite is missing car shadows, colors seems bit dull compare to SteamVR
Pimax spark bug is still there

Some stutters even if GPU load is below 80%, might be that SS set at 200% (around 5500x4500px/eye) to get rid of jagged lines.
When AA works going back to lower SS should be helpful.

After 118 minutes testing it's was a no-brainer to keep the title even if official VR support would take a while, it's usable in it's current state for being unofficial and in EA.
Just my opinion but I think for now VR people will be very satisfied if they could just have some sort of HUD with basic info, all other stuff like main menu they can patiently wait for when VR development is of focus.
When I change the steamVR resolution for Le Mans Ultimate and restart the game it appears that the changes do not work. Is there any way to change the VR resolution?
works in single player but every i launched online practice (or starta event) the game crashed and return on desktop... anyone have the same problem? There is a solution????
When I change the steamVR resolution for Le Mans Ultimate and restart the game it appears that the changes do not work. Is there any way to change the VR resolution?
I used generic SS setting at 150 to 200% and not per-game in SteamVR if that would make any difference, custom resolution in OpenXR worked as well even if it had other issues. Could be hardware dependent, i'm on a Pimax headset.
I was able to get VR to work once but haven't been able to get it running again. Just get to put the car on track using the monitor but then it freezes and no image in my G2.
I really hope Studio 397 have VR high on the priority list. Sure they have a lot to do but VR should be high up there.
Been running VR very well through openxr, Reverb G2 off line. Performance seems to be better than RF2, but this is probably due to not being able to use MSAA. I am ramping up the resolution to just under 4000x per eye and tweaking the Nvidia AA settings to try and combat the aliasing. Still getting a solid 90 with full field 10 viewable cars. But it highlights the massive performance hit of MSAA!

Got a very nice sharp image, just needs a touch of aliasing to get rid of some jagged lines to be perfect.

No hud and getting the same issue as others trying to get online, crash at 55% load.

Would be nice to get online in VR if that could be possible. But on the whole it's looking very promising.