FFB settings for Asetek wheelbase


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I couldn't find a dedicated thread on this topic. If it already exists, this one can be closed of course.
I have a long experience of RF2 and I still really enjoy the combo DD Asetek and RF2.
Unfortunately my experience with LMU is totally different.
I tested many settings, especially the recommendations of Asetek (but that was published done before an update that removed 2 sliders and not updated since then)
Until now I didn't find a satisfying settings. It looks floaty , unprecise with a lack of details, etc.. whatever tires were cold or hot (I could' even not really feel the difference). In summary I drive with my eyes only and don't enjoy

Since RF2 and LMU are more than cousins, there must be a magic trick but I couldn't identify it yet.
So, any recommendation are welcome

thanks in advance
Hello, I agree with you, I don't like Asetek settings with 30% damping. It seems that they updated LMU settings the May 24th but still with 30% damping...
I share with you my settings, if it can helps you to find a good feeling on LMU :

The torque behaviour prediction seems very important with damping to have the good information level on the wheel...
(I have 15% damping, torque bahaviour prediction at 4, no friction and no inertia for RF2...)

Thank you
Since my 1st post, I tried different things and finally reached a good balance by using a setting that is actually really similar to yours.
As you say, really important factors are Damping and Torque Behavior Prediction.