Braking Discussion

The trouble here is they have to make the game usable for people like me with a 10 year old wheel and also good for people with 10 grand VR Sim rigs and bespoke wheels.

There will always be compromise and it will likely suit those with the better gear, it usually does
First thing you have to is to check if your pedals are well calibrated.

In your pedal application, try to push brake at your « normal » strenght, and you can check on simhub the brake pedal value properties of lmu. You need to be as close as possible as 99/100% in lmu properties, whereas you have to lower your pedal settings in your pedal application. « simpro »for exemple if you own simagic pedals.

Then try to get this « normal strenght » and you should see braking power in lmu is awesome.
Could you explain where these values are i cannot seem to find them in properties. Thanks

Although there are those who insist that top flight gear doesn't make you faster..... ;)
My jump from T150 Pro to TS-PC Racer with T3PA Pro pedals certainly helped my times, i was playing GTSport back then.