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    Missing Online Race Results

    In-game Name: Carmine Carpentiero Date of race: 11.06.2024 Time of race: 20:15 Your Time Zone: +2 Gmt Event Name: Weekly race Le Mans 66m
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    Fanatec Clubsport DD & DD+. (Possible problem).

    I wanted to get DD+ but all these problems are blocking me.
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    FFB BUG in Patch2

    Same problem for me with thrustmaster t818, after the patch I have loss of ffb more in the middle of the curve, initially I thought about some wrong setting in the ffb with constant force active but after resetting everything it still does it. Before the patch it worked fine without any problems.
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    Splits depending on SR and other proposals

    You can find it in the race results, on the right hand side there are three dots pressed on it, it should serve to protest against some unfair player but to date I have never had any response
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    Splits depending on SR and other proposals

    Lo trovate nei risultati gara, sulla destra ci sono tre puntini premuti sopra, dovrebbe servire per protestare contro qualche giocatore scorretto ma ad oggi non ho mai avuto alcuna risposta
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    Splits depending on SR and other proposals

    That's exactly what I've noticed too, people who throw you out for no reason for a position, there's a lack of sportsmanship, and I also wonder if the signal button really works or is it just there as an option?