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Drivers who hit the back of the car in front hard, shouldn't that be complicated to manage through the game?

Being penalized repeatedly in the first turns for this kind of shock is disastrous for the safety rank, I had the bitter experience yesterday, starting third on the grid, the two drivers behind were too aggressive on the 4/ 5 first turns, repeated rear impacts and at the last contact one of them cuts me off in the middle of a turn and takes me off the track with him, result I go 16th, finished the race 13th and my safety rank drops greatly, much more than my BR rank.
Yeah some explanation of how the setting interact with each other and what settings to try depending on what you are trying to achieve. Tradeoffs between setting high and low values, etc.
Hi I have a question, I want to go into race weekend and I want to race against AI but I keep getting kicked and I don’t know what to do!!! Please Helpppp This game has so much potential! I also wanted to add that the GTEs from 2018 are the best GT cars ever and the golden era of WEC. So please add them to add a more general audience to the game. And finally make it free for early access buyers.