How do the Driver and Safety Rankings works in Online races for Le Mans Ultimate?

How do the Driver and Safety Rankings works in Online races for Le Mans Ultimate?

When racing in the online modes of Le Mans Ultimate, your performance and race etiquette is monitored by RaceControl to ensure drivers race fairly and that races you race in are against players of a similar skill level to make

Where can I find my ranks and how many are there?​

You can find your rank on the top navigation bar and also in your profile.

There are four ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum - reflecting the Driver Ranks you find in the real-world World Endurance Championship. Within each rank there are 4 levels (0, 1, 2 and 3) that showcase your progress towards the next rank up.


What is Driver Rank and what does it mean?​

Driver Rank is determined by your race results. At the beginning of your online journey, you start at a ranking of “Bronze 3”.

The Driver Rank algorithm is a variation of “elo” and essentially ranks you as a win or a loss against all of the other drivers in your race. The greater the difference between your rank and another, there will be a greater transfer of ranking points in the back end.

Although we don’t show you a specific rank number between races, we do allow you to see your progress bar between ranks as well as they percentage gained.

There is a greater Driver Rank impact in Weekly and Special Events than Daily Races, as the latter is supposed to be a more relaxed game-mode.

Note: If you have a Driver Rank in rFactor 2 Online, you share this rank across both titles, however Safety Rank is per title


What is Safety Rank and what does it mean?​

This measures your on track etiquette and encourages you to drive safely so that you can unlock new online events. You start your online career as a Bronze 0 rated driver in Safety Rank.

When you make contact with another driver or barrier this contact is registered and recorded. The more severe the impact is, the higher the penalty.

Unfortunately the system does not determine fault as this is quite nuanced in online racing - both users are penalised.

In addition to contacts, “unclean” laps where a corner is cut also negatively affects your Safety Rank.

There are impacts on Safety Rank in all official Qualifying and Race sessions, with the majority of the split towards the Race.

When should I protest another driver for affecting my Safety Rank?​

The protest feature should only be used for deliberate contacts, such as driving backwards or someone not braking at all for a corner. Not anything that could be reasonably considered an accident.

Read more about reporting and protests here.

How long should it take to reach Silver Safety Rank?​

We know a lot of users are eager to try out the online multiclass racing and Hypercars but for now, in Daily Races, this is restricted to drivers Silver and above. This is because multi-class events require a higher level of race-awareness and being familiar with the system and how online works will aid in that.

We would expect around 8-10 clean Daily Races would help you reach Silver Safety Rank.
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Drivers who hit the back of the car in front hard, shouldn't that be complicated to manage through the game?

Being penalized repeatedly in the first turns for this kind of shock is disastrous for the safety rank, I had the bitter experience yesterday, starting third on the grid, the two drivers behind were too aggressive on the 4/ 5 first turns, repeated rear impacts and at the last contact one of them cuts me off in the middle of a turn and takes me off the track with him, result I go 16th, finished the race 13th and my safety rank drops greatly, much more than my BR rank.
Driver rating should be represented numerically as well. It's important for match-up purposes. AFAIK only way of playing with friends online currently is making sure that you have similar driver rank, so it's important to know exactly where you are.
Safety ranking is still too arbitrary and it's tiresome being penalised for any contact, even when you're not at fault.